to friends : early january postcards

Dear Cheryl,

Sending all my love to you and Clio in Clinton from rainy Paris....It's so great to be back here after having been in your class. It's good to be back, period. Reunited with old friends, familiar streets, this language I let slip away from me in the past year. Almost sad I have to leave again so soon but excited for the new adventures that await.

Dear Brendon,

Julia is in town right now, visiting with her roommate Wellesley for a week (not six weeks like last time, malheureusement) and we went to the Marché aux puces out in Saint-Ouen today. Thought of you immediately when I saw this postcard for obvious reasons. Paris is wonderful as always, but I do miss when I used to walk by the Pantheon and was able to stop by to say hello to you chez Coco. Hope the rest of your break was good in Texas! Wish you had been here to see Ceci when she was here. Had a really bizarre, but surprisingly pleasant dinner her last night here with her, Jacob, and Jean-Marc. What a crew.

To Eunice,

Things are good here, just cold and rainy, which always sends me into a mood. Marion is very heavily pregnant and Mahault has moved to make space for the new baby--into a separate studio half a floor down with her own bathroom. Ridiculous rich Parisian families. Anyway, let's catch up soon! I want to hear all about Korea.

Dear Miss Annie,

Coucou de notre ville lumière et une « joyeuses fêtes » tardive. Je pense à toi souvent ces jours-là parce que c’était pendant ce temps il y a deux ans (a peu près) qu’on a passé beaucoup de temps ensemble. Feels like forever ago some days, yet just yesterday when I'm walking around here. That strange timeless quality of Paris makes my day here pass very quickly and slowly all at once, but that's part of the magic, isn't it? I hope New York is treating you well, and I've heard from Katie that you've been killin' it with the acting. Things are good here. I've been seeing a French boy that lives in Strasbourg and he's kind of a tool, but I've grown terribly fond of him. I think I'll keep him.