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so long, iceland

Some blue things
Like all good things, Iceland had to come to an end, as much as I would've loved to stay there forever. Perhaps one day. 

The last leg of the trip was Lake Mývatn, Hverir, the Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, and more after hours Aurora chasing. Exhausting adventuring. Not many words for now. Just pictures. 

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Our second day in Iceland, we hopped on a plane to a little city in the North called Akureyri to catch the Northern Lights. Although, city is quite a generous term to describe the place. It was much much smaller than originally anticipated and the full day of city exploring that we planned looked like it would take an hour. So we rented a car last minute to see the surrounding areas during the day.

At night, we returned to Akureyri where our resident "crazy viking" tour guide, Gisli, drove us far far out to desolate landscapes for our Northern Lights expedition. As we drove further and further away from civilization, I looked into the pitch black desperately for any sign of the fabled lights. Stars, a million of them. And dimly, in the distance, was that—?

Suddenly, Gisli is shouting. "THERE SHE IS. STOP THE BUS."

He's ahead of all of us, nearly falling off of the bus as we gather our camera equipment hastily and follow him into the cold. And there it was.

Wind whipping and biting at my exposed skin. A smudge of green across my vision that I could not rub out of my eyes. Focusing in on the strange green and seeing, overlaid on top of the tapestry of stars, a massive green translucent ribbon hanging in the sky. It was growing and wavering and rippling in midair, completely independent of the cruel winds I had to brace my body against.

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the golden circle

College spring break typically brings to mind debaucherous weeklong spectacles of alcohol fueled excess, punctuated by seaside lounging. Somewhere tropical. Warm.

I did expect that I would be doing that at some point of my college career, but my spring breaks were usually spent in New Jersey and New York, usually with a Hamilton Alternative Spring Break trip thrown into the mix. Exactly my speed.

I didn't envision my senior year spring break being any different. Until a moment last summer, when my parents called me and asked me what my dates for my next spring break would be. And then asked me if I wanted to go to Iceland with them and their friends because they found some crazy cheap Icelandair Northern Lights promotion. Excuse me? Is that even a question? I think I reflected for about a millisecond before saying yes.

Fast forward nine months and I'm en route to the most un-spring break spring break of my life. We're on a redeye to Reykjavik with Ronnie and Lisa, one of my many adopted aunts and uncles. The flight was cramped, uncomfortable, sleepless, but taking off from Newark was like falling into the arms of an old friend. I felt incredible being on the road again, especially after being cooped up at Hamilton for so many months. A crazy grin broke out on my face as we took off, and I pressed my face up against the cold window, watching as Manhattan glittered below us and disappeared into the distance.

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