the bucket list

Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.- Alan Sachs
I met a boy this summer who had a bucket list. Hi, sasshole. I know you're reading this. 

My friends and I watched in delight and helped him as he reverse pickpocketed, let a child win a race, hiked up a mountain, rode a Ferris Wheel, got wasted, cried for real, hugged an animal, learned the ukulele—and he would document it all on his blog for his friends to see his progress. I remember making one myself a couple summers ago, but that was all that came of it. Nothing was ever done with it and I haven't looked at it since. Yet, the idea of experiencing everything life has to offer is something I preach regularly, so it seems appropriate to bring it back. And as inspired by him and Julia and all the other bloggers out there doing the same, I'll be posting updates on this blog and link from the list when I complete something and have photos/a story to go with.

I'll be adding on to the list and editing it, hopefully getting up to a hundred. Suggestions anyone?

The list.