Film. 1998.
Home is New Jersey. It's quiet suburban neighborhoods, cool summer nights with the smell of sun lingering on the pavement, and bitterly cold winter winds that bite. It's endless nights of homework and silly middle/high school crushes, time with friends that was never enough and places that my heart aches at the sight of.

It's been a while since I've been back. Between Tajikistan, college, Taiwan, China, and other (mis)adventures, home has ceased to be just New Jersey, rather it become where ever the people I love are and where ever I feel free enough to be myself.

I think being here is what spurred this blog resurrection. I'll admit, I've never been good at the whole blogging thing. I mean, my old one lasted for less than a summer. And goodness knows how hectic and overwhelming college life can get, but hopefully it'll be different this time around. All of a sudden, I want to document and publish my life. The photographs and music and bits of my life get all mixed up and scrambled and memory gets hazy; I wanted a way to organize everything.

More to come soon.

Stay a little bit, won't you?